XtremMac Soma Frame

XtremMac Soma

XtremMac Soma
Consumer electronics

Wraparound Speaker

The XtremeMac Soma Frame speaker enhances iPad viewing and listening for users. The speaker system wraps around the iPad, amplifying the sound and providing both a portable and stationary audio experience.

Do It All

Thorough research to understand the use case scenario of an iPad revealed that the product design had to be comfortable and easy to use in a variety of configurations; whether the viewer is lying on the couch, sitting at the table, or on-the-go.

Optimal Sound in Every Situation

The Soma Frame was designed to be flexible. Consumers can enjoy the enhanced sound of the speakers while wherever, as it houses a rechargeable battery for up to 6 hours of playback time. Alternatively, the frame can be docked (both in portrait and landscape orientations) for hands-free viewing and the added power of a subwoofer. By amplifying sound, adaptability, and portability, the Soma Frame delights with audio quality matching the iPad display crispness, significantly enhancing user experience.

Features include:
2.1 audio system in docked mode
Portable speaker frame
Lithium-ion battery in speaker frame
Left/right channel switching on frame
Frame fits iPad, iPad 2 and 3rd Generation iPad devices
Mini USB charging port
Designed to work with XtremeMac LifeSlides app (bass and treble control)

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