Skin Rejuvenation device

Syneron eMatrix

Consumer electronics

Clinic environment optimization

The product makes use of RF technology for electrical peeling treatments in the facial area, thereby aiding in the treatment of wrinkles. The new product enables maximal mobility and operational convenience in the clinic environment.

Multiple working positions

The nature of working in a clinic environment necessitates switching between working, seated and standing positions. Since the screen is a touch screen, the various working positions had many structural and ergonomic effects. The axis area between the screen and the body of the unit constituted a particularly challenging element for the design team. Its size enabled a small design volume that led to creative architectural solutions.

Compact and friendly workstation

The chosen design aiming to preserve the basic and direct language of medical products, along with the sophistication of the world of consumer goods. This was done with the desire to create a medical product that makes a relevant and up-to-the-minute design statement in a field where esthetics is the principal element. The touch screen, treatment handle and product surface transforms to a compact and friendly workstation.

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