Seeing through seeing beyond eyeglasses display

Lumus Video Eyeglasses


Defining a new way of viewing content

Lumus unique seeing through, seeing beyond, eyeglasses display a super large screen anywhere you look, anywhere you are, defining a new way of viewing content such as movies, TV and etc. The see through capabilities still offer the transparency necessary to know what is going on around you, eliminating the effects of fatigue or dizziness, while maintaining constant connectivity to information.

Light-guide Optical Element

Lumus eyeglasses employ a Light-guide Optical Element (LOE) a patented, disruptive technology which enables a breakthrough, ultra-thin lens which overcomes the inherent thickness of conventional optics and displays large, high resolution and full color images in front of the eye.

Advanced and radical designs

Years of experience in putting technology on the head, enabled us to come up with these lightweight, advanced and radical designs. The end product design was the outcome of a meticulous research and design process embedding a structured methodology and a cohesive team work.

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