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ALYN hospital

The Wheelchair of hope is specially designed and developed for children in need of mobility.

The broad vision of this product seeks empowering education from early childhood trough the value of mobility, as it is the base for self-confidence and independence, providing accessibility to education, creating better skills, confidence and hope for the new generation.

Among our core objectives when designing and developing the Wheelchair of Hope was the balance between innovative and attractive design with light weight & affordable plastics.

Human engineering aspects of providing proper fit and postural support, meeting the most common needs of disabled children aging 5 to 9 where fully utilized.




Our design for manufacturing guide lines included structure optimization, plastic-metal interfaces and the usage of only standard production technologies, enabled to drive product’s accessibility worldwide. Contributing to that is our design to cost that includes stacking for affordable shipping, easy and safe assembly with simple tools. The wheelchair was unveiled at an UN assembly in front of various UNICEF representatives, gathering many complements and raising high interest.