Eye Protective System for the 21st Century

Shalon EPS-21 Goggles

Defense & Wearable

Eye Protective System

The Israeli Ministry of Defense placed a contract with Shalon Chemical Industries for what has now become known worldwide as the EPS-21, Eye Protective System for the 21st Century.
The system consists of a lightweight goggle frame with a clear ballistic lens and a wide range of easily installed lenses. It is offered to protect military and police personnel against sun, wind, dust, ballistic fragmentation and laser radiation.


The design of protective ballistic eyewear requires a range of considerations in the design process. Well defined global standards define what ballistic materials and assembly need to adhere to, in terms of eye protection, however even more constraining to the design are the huge range of head sizes, eye-distances (IPD) and nose structures that need to be met and comfortably enabled. A key factor in the design of the EPS-21 was Nekuda push to a one-size-fits-all approach, which drives economy and usability of the whole organization, and enables users to pool glasses in real time in the field. Other important features are the wide angle visors in transparent and tinted clip on versions, the low-profile aerated rubber structure, the space for personalized clip-on prescription lenses, and the harness adaptability for helmet and bear head situations.

Pragmatic yet strategic product thinking

Designed with 1st Generation CAD surfacing in the early 1990’s, this long-lasting product with global footprint represents Nekuda’s commitment to pragmatic yet strategic product thinking, combining anthropometrics, production technologies, and product life-cycle economics.

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