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TriPollar Stop and Pose
Consumer electronics
cutting-edge skincare devices

The year is 2008. Most of us haven’t heard about self-driving cars, and computer AI isn’t routinely passing the Turing test yet. Back then Nekuda partnered with Pollogen, an Israel-based medical aesthetics company, to design two cutting-edge skincare devices for the consumer market: TriPollar Stop and TriPollar Pose. Both of them are intended for non-invasive skin rejuvenation and tightening treatment at home (Stop — for face, Pose — for body). The devices are based on Pollogen’s medical-grade RF technology that offers an alternative to surgical and invasive aesthetic treatment by radiating focused energy onto the target skin layers.

Tripollar skincare devices
Long lasting impact

Okay, but why are we suddenly talking about this project more than a decade later? The reason is that TriPollar still makes us extremely proud, especially every time it gets praised during our meetings all over the world. Showing Nekuda’s portfolio to our future partners and clients, we often hear: «Wow, you made Stop and Pose?».

Long lasting design

In China, one of the most skincare-conscious countries, Stop and Pose are very popular to this day, selling high and recognized by industry experts. Pollogen’s RF technology made TriPollar the golden standard of aesthetics treatment, and Nekuda’s approach for creating a long-lasting design — hence sparing our clients the cost and inconvenience of frequent redesigns — largely contributed to this outstanding success story.

Tripollar skincare devices
Timeless look & feel

When designing Stop and Pose over a decae ago, our explicit goal was to create a premium, timeless form factor with a luxurious and polished feel, resembling an expensive piece of jewelry or perhaps a glossy accessory. The hand-fitting diamond shape we opted for wasn’t an obvious choice for the late 2000’s when curvaceous, flowing forms were running the show. Intentionally going against the trend, we were able to zoom out and made a classic design that withstood the test of time and still looks fresh and relevant over a decade later.

Tripollar skincare devices
TriPollar Stop and Pose
  • cutting-edge skincare devices
  • Long lasting impact
  • Long lasting design
  • Timeless look & feel