water from air generator


Consumer electronics

Wanted: A Rain-Making Product, for a Water-Generating Technology

Nekuda was engaged by our long-established client, Watergen, an expert in their best-in-class proprietary Air2Water technology, Watergen was new to consumer-grade design, and was seeking a development process for mass production of a market leading first to market air 2 water institutional water dispenser.

Defining Market Requirements; Delivering by Design and Engineering

We supported our client with tailoring a comprehensive methodology from market sizing and viability analysis leading to a detailed product MRD (Marketing Requirement Document). We then transferred the MRD to PRD (Product Requirement Document). Switching gears, we then led an end to end product design and development process, including DFM (Design For Manufacturing) process up to full production. Our team was in charge of both high level system requirement, integration and project management down to the fine design details and keeping within a strict challenging BOM and efficient assembly and maintenance process.

Tangible Results

Less than a year from start Watergen has gained significant market leadership position, awarded CES innovation award and signed distribution agreements with leading players in the market. Genny will reach the market with a sustainable Non Plastic Bottled, non-plumbing infrastructure hydration solution using state of the art multi-stage water purification system ensuring premium water quality.

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