Mini Cube Bluetooth Speaker

TDK Trek 360

Consumer electronics

Omni-Directional Listening

TDK, a multinational electronics company, approached Nekuda DM to work with them in designing the “Mini Cube”, an omni-directional desktop bluetooth speaker. In record time, Nekuda provided TDK with the industrial design concept and details for manufacturing, enabling the Mini Cube to be unveiled at CES 2013.

All Of The Above

The Mini Cube speaker had to do it all; bluetooth or aux input, perfect sound, wireless and wired charging for cell phones, used for listening in the house or the backyard, all inside a small enclosure so that the speaker was easily portable. The Mini Cube would be the face of TDK’s new product line, “Life On Record”, and needed an industrial design that projected the superiority of these new speakers.

Sensational Sound in a Compact Cube

The Mini Cube incorporates charging with high quality sound for MP3 and radio, achieved with four twitter speakers and one subwoofer for full range. The top face of the cube seamlessly integrates PowerMat wireless inductive charging technology. The design emphasizes smart and elegant simplicity of form, and is built to withstand water spills and splashes, making it ideal for use by the pool or at a party. The TDK Mini Cube, also dubbed the Trek 360, floored the market with its incredible sound and design, and is highly beloved by its users.

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