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Semi Conductor Device
SCD sparrow
Defense & Security

Semi Conductor Devices (SCD), is a leading worldwide supplier of Infrared Detectors and Laser Diodes. With over 40 years of experience, they develop unique electro-optical systems with a wide range of applications.

SCD sparrow semi conductor device
The Challenge

With the release of their newest sensor, the Sparrow, SCD commissioned Nekuda to design a product which highlights the unique potential for this unit. The task at hand encompassed design, development, and production of a limited set of fully-functional prototypes, in order to wow potential buyers and impress on them the core capabilities of the Sparrow MWIR camera module. The project timeline was extremely tight, and our team was challenged to strike the right balance between a range of requirements, finding the best compromise between product performance and design.

SCD sparrow semi conductor device
The solution

Balancing between size, weight, power, cost, heat dissipation, IP protection, usability, and manufacturability demanded full and daily integration of our multidisciplinary design team. We brought all hands on deck, including industrial design, mechanical, opto-mechanical, electronics, UI/UX and NPI players. The complexity of this project demanded strict and devoted project management from our experienced team lead and upper management, who together can see the big picture and at the same time dive into the small details, reducing potential risks. Despite the aggressive, non-negotiable schedule, very demanding performance requirements, and a need to comply with military standards, our team decided to invest in upgrading the electronics in order to deliver cutting-edge user experience to match SCD’s leading technological solution. As always, award-winning industrial design is a key deliverable at Nekuda, and we had no intention on delivering a less-than-outstanding design for the Sparrow unit.

SCD sparrow semi conductor device SCD sparrow semi conductor device
The outcome

Our client’s feedback best describes the outcome: “an evident achievement bringing this complex product development to production on time.... No doubt the outcome is a result of thorough process and meticulous attention to detail…. I would like to let you know that we completed the thermal testing and I am happy to say that they matched your thermal calculations and simulations’’ and finally, “a beautiful, memorable design we are proud off, which compliments our technology and fully serves our marketing needs and more”.

SCD sparrow semi conductor device SCD sparrow semi conductor device
SCD sparrow
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  • The solution
  • The outcome