Heights Telecom

Heights Telecom

Combining Great Technology with Great Design

Heights Telecom came to us with one goal in mind: to take their existing MESH technology, sold to various companies for use in their products, and create their own Router and Extender for home use. Heights Telecom’s advanced technology creates smooth and strong coverage throughout homes, allowing for a more trustworthy switch between rooms. With the technology in place, Heights Telecom was missing their own product that could go directly into the home with no middle-man. Nekuda set out to design a router and extender, as well as a unique combination of colors, finishes, and materials to allow for an extendable product language in the future.


Creating a Visual Language

When designing both the router and extender Nekuda sought to create a truly iconic look for Heights Telecom as a brand, researching and gathering inspiration from other home products that conveyed a distinct and memorable language. Having worked with Yes, Android, and Samsung Smart TV, Nekuda was able to draw knowledge from past experience while carving out a new space for the Heights Telecom product line. We were able to hone into a specific CMF to create the texture and feeling of fabric on the exterior of the product, all while optimizing material usage to maintain a competitive price-point. Keeping in mind the strict size constraints required for the interior technology, Nekuda was able to make every inch count when creating a sleek and visually appealing product for the home.

Functionality and Efficiency

Functionality was a top priority in the Heights Telecom products. We worked back and forth with manufacturers to find solutions for cable management, ventilation, and make sure the entire product was well equipped for a seamless user experience. Even at the most functional points of the product, such as the ventilation slots, we were adamant about maintaining an iconic brand look and feel, in order to allow Heights Telecom to further expand their line of products in the future. By creating a well rounded and detail oriented design for these two products Nekuda opened the door for endless expansion of Heights Telecom consumer products.

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