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A Brand New Category of Products

In 2015, Israeli startup Ripples introduced its Ripple Maker, the first ever beverage foam printer, taking latte art into a new level. The Ripple Maker can print any design on foamy drinks, giving brands and hospitality venues around the world a new way to interact with and enhance the experience of their clients. When it was time to introduce the Ripple Maker II, Ripples chose Nekuda to design the next generation of its leading product.

New and Improved Product

We set ourselves the task of improving every aspect of the Ripple Maker. This includes not only performance, such as printing speed, range and resolution, but also user interface, customizability, size, ease of installation and service and work-environment compatibility – from ergonomics to cable management – all designed for manufacturing and cost reduction, without compromising on our unique design touch.

Extensive In-House Capabilities

Our team of engineers, industrial designers and UI/UX architects set out to design the improved Ripple Maker II from the ground up, implementing improvements every step of the way. Working with an aggressive bill of materials, they created two versions – an entry level version and a premium one – both able to operate in varied environments and meet the wildly diverging requirements of coffeehouses, bars and large-scale events.
Working through Covid-19 restrictions, our dedicated staff was able to meet the tight schedule required by Ripples and create a superb product, incorporating two brand new patents we developed specifically for our client.

Creating Opportunities through Industrial Design

The real hallmark of success for us is the outstanding reception the product received and the venues and markets it opened up for our client. More than creating excellent products, we take pride in understanding and advancing our clients’ strategic business goals. Click here to learn what we can do for you.

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