The Silk’n eHPL Light technology- Hair Removal device, was designed to revolutionize domestic hair removal
All thanks to the groundbreaking 360-degree adjustable head rotation. Allowing an unparalleled ease of use for getting the perfect angle and grip for every part of your body

At Nekuda, we understand that navigating the world of hair removal can be difficult. That’s why we’ve designed this state-of-the-art machine with our client’s needs at the forefront.
We took charge from design to marketing. At Silk’n offices, we engaged with a diverse focus group, from COOs to costumer cervices, capturing their vision for the product. Our collaboration with the marketing team further deepened our insight, enhancing both design and marketing processes. Together, we refined every aspect for excellence. The Silk’n Laser Hair Removal Machine boasts an intuitive interface that guarantees a seamless and user friendly experience. No more deciphering complicated instructions or battling with hard-to-use devices. We’ve placed the power in your hands, ensuring that you’re in control of your beauty routine like never before.

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