Medical consumer

Advanced Medical Aesthetic Program

Pollogen’s Regen is a high-end aesthetic medical device for cellulite reduction and skin tightening. The product succeeds in enveloping medical technology with a consumer product look, and provides effective, fast treatment with minimal discomfort.

Aesthetic + Medical

The Regen was the first of its kind for Pollogen, and thus needed winning visual design, and a brilliant mechanical design, in order to succeed.


Straight, Soft, Strong, and Smooth

Straight lines of the main body contrast the soft clean lines of the operating station above. The unique appearance of the front handle serves as a visual branding element of Pollogen and was integrated in future products. The Nekuda team focused their work on design for manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance. Aluminum extrusion technology was used to create the main body. Such extrusion simplifies attachments while contributing to the enclosure stability, and is easily integrated with the plastic injection molding components. The assembly comes together quickly and smoothly, with a strong mechanical infrastructure enclosed in a visually-striking enclosure.

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