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Consistent cross-environment user experience

Nekuda’s designers are a well-rounded force. They have extensive technical knowledge and hands-on experience in various design disciplines, both digital and physical. To encourage that state of mind, we work in a large open space where project managers sit with industrial designers and engineers rub shoulders with UX/UI architects. Project teammates are very involved with each other’s ideas and decisions on any stages, which helps create a consistent cross-environment user experience.

Sophisticated technologies, simple solutions

Over the years, we have built many man-machine interfaces for physical objects. As the tech industry matured, interfaces have become more and more complex. Nevertheless, the user need for clarity and a steep learning curve still stands. Today, with touch screens, voice recognition, chatbots and other disruptive technologies, we have more tools for creating a robust, sophisticated UX and UI but we are still very focused on keeping it simple.
In the first part of the EarlySense case study, we talked about redesigning the hospital monitoring sensor into the lifestyle device that improves the quality of sleep. Nekuda also created the brand new EarlySense app to accompany it. The mobile application connects to the sensor through Bluetooth and launches automatically when a person goes to bed — to store and analyze sleep measurements.

User-friendly medical-grade sleep data

While the sophisticated sensor collects high-accuracy, medical-grade sleep data, the consumer app provides a user-friendly way to understand and benefit from it even through quick interaction. To emphasize the plenitude of EarlySense’ data, our client suggested the original 0 to 100 sleep score that is algorithmically calculated by combining different sleep parameters, a sleeper’s physical background and big data collected from other EarlySense users.
The 0-100 score concept became a starting point for arranging and visualizing raw sleep measurements in a simple and intuitive way while maintaining its accuracy and consistency.

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