A new Type of Key

MT5 Mul-T-Lock

Plastics & Mechanical engineering

A new Type of Key

Mul-T-Lock, a worldwide expert in the locking industry, developed their new high security MTL key and lock system. They then turned to Nekuda for bold, eye-catching industrial design in order to show off their latest innovation. Together, Nekuda and Mul-T-Lock created a high-end, prestigious cylinder key whose design reflects its advanced mechanism.

Pushing Boundaries

As their newly patented technology, Mul-T-Lock wanted the MTL keys to stand out from the other options on the shelf. Nekuda was tasked with creating a standout visual design, which could be manufactured in extremely high quantities for a competitive price.

Feel the Innovation

The key’s aesthetic was created with intent; it has an elegant and prestigious look, which reflects security and conservatism, while the balanced design, simple surfaces and rounded corners reflect innovation. Aside from the visual aesthetic, it employs rubber overmolding technology to provide a high quality grip material for comfortable holding, as well as protecting the key from wearing out. Nekuda’s design allows Mul-T-Lock to offer the product in a combination of different materials and colors, and relay the product’s unique mechanism and enhanced intrusion protection.


Video curtesy of MUL-T-LOCK

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