Skincare Treatment Platform

Pollogen Geneo

Consumer medical

Revolutionary Skincare Treatment

The Geneo Platform is a revolutionary, clinically-proven aesthetic platform used for professional skincare. This innovative system offers safe and effective custom-tailored aesthetic treatment options for the patients, and a unique, easy-to-use Customer Relation Management (CRM) system for clinicians.

Experience is Key

The product design of the Geneo system required attention to detail when it came to the user experience – not just for the patient, but also for the aesthetician. The system’s innovative Oxypod capsule on the end of the wand prepares the skin for treatment and infuses the ingredients in the skin in a single action by vibrating during use. To provide a comfortable experience for the aesthetician, however, the rest of the wand needs to remain stationary. In addition, the wand and platform both required ergonomic and user-friendly design to encourage market adoption among clinicians.

Sleek and Sophisticated

Nekuda DM developed the Pollogen Geneo Platform from product definition stage to full production. The wand was designed with a distinguished look and small footprint, and with a sophisticated inner mechanism that isolates the vibrations. The Geneo system contains a user-friendly tablet with a CRM-focused user interface that offers aesthetic clinics to be in touch with their clients and be attentive to their individual needs. This application also offers an abundance of simple and sleek marketing tools to add to the clinic’s promotional capabilities. The Pollogen Geneo is well-loved in the market, providing an ideal treatment experience for both the client and the aesthetician.

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