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future-ready design platform

In branded product design language projects our role is to help our clients decipher their own identity and visually represent it, so as to create a future-ready design platform that stands the test of engineering and of market.

a single product design language

Our mission was to create a single product design language that will unite several medical device companies purchased by Stanley Healthcare, with various products of different technologies, materials, sizes and uses (wearables, hanging, and mobile).
It is very important to ensure that the design language is easily implemented on existing and future products, by engineers and product development teams across the globe; with enough freedom to adapt to different implementations and manufacturing costs, while maintaining a single design that is easily identified with the brand.

single cohesive definition of design attributes

By understanding the practices and success metrics of various stakeholders (business, marketing, engineers, designers), and tangibly integrating them with the technical constraints, technologies and materials used in the medical device field, we were able to decipher how brand attributes ‘smart’, ‘clean’ and ‘human’ are interpreted around the world, and establish a single cohesive definition of design attributes. Once aligned, we were able to interpret these into forms and create a strong design language that is practical for engineering implementation, global and brand-aligned, without visually polluting the already overloaded healthcare environment.
Three years after the global distribution of the design language guidebook among the product development teams, the client has reported that new products designed and executed are aligned and maintain the design language.

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