ESense Smart Controller

Consumer electronics


E-SENSE smart controller is defined and designed to match both solar/electric and electric residential water heaters. ESENSE enables the user to specify their desired weekly water temperature and amount needs.
Launched in early 2000s, E-SENSE was years ahead of its time with IoT sensing, user interface and control automation for energy savings, E-SENSE provides smart energy control for residential electric water heater with a three part system consisting of:
Smart controller installed at home
Heat accelerator
Heater sensor unit

E-SENSE enables the user to specify its desired water consumption needs including: volume, temperature and timing with an easy to use interface. The user sets the volume percentage of water to heat and by doing so, saves power, water, money, and extend heater’s life.

seamless integration

The smart controller operates automatically, based on a dedicated algorithm, to efficiently provide the desired hot water consumption.
Unlike the manual switch, E-Sense heater sensor transmits to the indoor controller water volume and temperature updates, resulting from combined solar and electric heating. Furthermore, by default ESENSE optimizes heater use to save energy and money.
Designed according to standard dimensions of existing manual heater controllers, thereby enabling seamless integration with the domestic electrical infrastructure.

unobtrusive and intuitive

Nekuda supported E-SENSE with industrial design, mechanical deign-engineering for manufacturing and User Interface (UI) design.  A key emphasis in order to drive adoption and cross the chasm of this innovative system, was balance between familiarity of the paradigmatic heater switch, innovation of interface, and classic long lasting design identity.

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