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Stanley One Touch Toolbox Family

Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker
Plastics & Mechanical engineering

Reinventing iconic basic toolbox

Stanley Black & Decker commissioned Nekuda to help reinvent its iconic basic toolbox targeting both professional & DIY market segments. This product line is a result of an effective collaboration between Stanley Black & Decker’s executive, design and engineering teams and Nekuda DM. Nekuda responded to Stanley’s brief with an on-brand innovation framework and multiple innovation opportunities, from which the Stanley team was able to pick the best potential alternative. The collaborative process leveraged Stanley’s deep knowledge in the category with Nekuda’s strategic design approach and know-how in design for mass market to deliver a best in class product line.

Pro & DIY segments

This project dealt with a number of key element: Extensive user research to uncover and prioritize target user modes and needs; Competitive analysis by brands and bestselling products; Brand framework and strategic positioning; Design innovation exploration of new product platforms and branded visual language; Integrated part design optimizing functionality, structure, appearance and cost.
The user research scope included online blogs and consumer surveys plus ongoing collaboration with Stanley’s research in US & EU for Pro & DIY segments. We listened to Pro users articulate a need for quick and secure one-hand operation, enabling safe carrying with frequent access to tools. In addition we uncovered Pro user’s attention to professional appearance.
For the DIY segment, we noticed an increase in toolbox use by women and a growing need to store tools in smaller spaces. These insights guided us as we explored and developed the One Touch toolbox family.

High volume low cost production

Nekuda’s world-class expertise in integrated design innovation & implementation for mass-produced Polypropylene products enabled breaking the box with a lid paradigm. Close collaboration with Stanley’s experts resulted in a state-of-the-art tooling solution. The draftless One Touch toolboxes combine a distinct design optimizing storage space, structure and appearance.
As part of our experience in design for high volume low cost production, Nekuda optimized product size and weight for shipping and retail requirements while minimizing BOM cost.
The One Touch family of toolboxes key user benefits are one-hand operation for quick and secure access to tools and an elegant, professional appearance. Stanley’s distinct on-brand product line stands out on a crowded shelf and sets a new standard in the category.

Credits: In collaboration with Stanley Design & Engineering Team

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