At Nekuda we have the experience and skills to conduct the in-depth feasibility and use cases research required to validate if potential exists and where.
We advise our clients as to how to create a product that is both innovative and a profit-generating business opportunity.
Innovating without a clear target can be riskier than not innovating at all.

Nekuda offers comprehensive business design and market penetration capabilities to help businesses thrive in today’s competitive landscape.


Welcome to our Industrial Design hub, where we believe that intentional product design is the key to creating enduring, attractive, and manufactural products that significantly contribute to both the top and bottom lines of your company.

Intentional Design for Long-lasting Impact
Our approach to industrial design is rooted in intentionality. We understand that a well-crafted product is not just visually appealing but also stands the test of time. By blending aesthetics with functionality, we aim to create designs that endure, fostering a lasting positive impact on your brand and market presence.

Our dedicated team excels in providing Mechanical Design and Engineering solutions, ensuring precision and innovation in every project we undertake.

Engineering begins by asking all relevant functional, environmental, manufacturing, and life cycle questions and forming the processes to generate valid answers.


Design For Manufacturing (DFM)
Every project at Nekuda begins by anchoring considerations pertaining to production technology, materials and the supply chain.

New Product Introduction (NPI)
From supporting the vendor in mold design, to meticulous testing and adjustments in each injection cycle, our team has a vast experience in ensuring that every design detail achieves its perfect result, leading to a complete new product.


Our expertise lies is designing the right digital services to complement the physical product.

Welcome to our comprehensive Project Management services, where we specialize in guiding and overseeing the successful execution of diverse projects across various domains. Explore the following key areas of expertise that define our commitment to excellence.

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