At Nekuda we have the experience and skills to conduct the in-depth feasibility and use cases research required to validate if potential exists and where.
We advise our clients as to how to create a product that is both innovative and a profit-generating business opportunity.
Innovating without a clear target can be riskier than not innovating at all.

Once the potential for innovation has become clear and the product has been defined, we turn the vision into a tangible, test-ready image or demonstrator. We then move on to synthesize the engineering and technological requirements, hack, develop or invent the mechanisms needed, and ensure that the final output translates into a feasible and financially viable product.

Innovation services:

  • User research – defining methodologies & running research globally, to identify needs and derive insight driving innovation.
  • Innovation workshops – tailoring ideation activities to client & facilitating.
  • Expert interviews – ecosystem & value chain expert reach out and interviews.
  • Concept boards – visualizing use cases, benefits and features for qual and quant validation
  • Experience prototypes – demonstrators, designed, hacked programmed and prototyped.
  • Innovation videos – producing short high quality clips to illustrate the innovation.

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