Bicycle Sound System


Consumer electronics

Sound driven biking experience

The Tommyca sound system designed specifically for the bicycle rider. It provides an enhanced biking experience by combining an mp3 player, radio and lights with one-click UI. The function buttons do not require the rider to let go of the handlebar, providing the rider with a high safety standard.

The mechanical aesthetic balance

The system calls for a fine balance between smart mechanical engineering, enabling integration of small full range speakers and a reasonable acoustic volume, within a slick and compact look & feel. Some of the additional mechanical design challenges where, high outdoor durability, including water resistance as well as a robust and intuitive mounting solution.

Simple morphology design

The end product is a sound steering system that creates an acoustic bubble and eliminates earphones. The music envelops the rider without disturbing the surroundings, and takes into account safety considerations. The simple morphology design, a pipe form, is taken from the bicycle structural language, and the lights are inspired from transportation design applications.

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