Smart Tool Tracking System

Stanley DIMS

Plastics & Mechanical engineering IoT

Keeping Tabs with Tags

In a typical site, the construction staff arrives with large containers or cabinets full of tools, and as the work progresses, tools go missing one-by-one. The Stanley DIMS Tool Tracking System employs smart tags to keep track of power tools, tailored for teams of construction workers and other professional users.

Caution: Work in Progress

The Tool Tracking System needed to be easy to adopt and integrate into the current workflow. From a mechanical design perspective, it needed to survive the harsh conditions of a construction site – dust, water, and of course, being attached to a power tool, high impact.

Smart ID(s)

The system is built around a controller, which communicates with and logs the tagged tools through RF technology, enabling monitoring of the location of each tool. The individual tags for the tools are designed to be durable and waterproof, using an internal elastic material to both seal the unit for water and dust, and absorb vibrations from impact. Each tag comes with a tamper-free band to attach it to the power tool, and ensure that the tool won’t be removed from the site and lost. The Stanley Tool Tracking System allows tool inventory to be managed and monitored simply and worry-free.

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