Emergency mobile device

Qualcomm Castra key FOB

Consumer electronics

Tiniest emergency cell phone

This was to be the tiniest emergency mobile device on the market. Designed over a decade ago, the device combines the activation of an emergency system and speed-dialing to three dedicated numbers. The product designed and developed for a large range of users and ages, children and adults.

Design boundaries and constrains

The paramount values, when approaching the design and development of this product, were: Convenience of use, Readability of the product, Prevention of accidental activation and Suitability for use by adults and children alike. The design approach at this case was very focused, in understanding the strict boundaries and constrains of the electronic components, as well as, targeting an extremely wide user audience with various abilities. The end result reflects this exact focused approach, leaving a precise product volume within a 2-3mm tolerance.

Functional hierarchy

Despite this severe limitation, a clean and memorable design was created. A combination of basic forms providing a platform for readability and for an understanding of the products functional hierarchy.

Credits: Functional Engineering was a collaboration between Qualcomm and Nekuda DM

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