Mini Water Bar

Mey Eden

Mey Eden
Plastics & Mechanical engineering

Tailor-made for Us

Until Mey Eden came to Nekuda, the company sold its bottled mineral water, but worked with subcontractors to provide the dispensing bar. We designed and developed their personal Mini Bar to enlarge Mey Eden’s market share, and to ensure the company a successful future.

Invest Now for a Timeless Design

As Mey Eden’s own water bar, the product needed an iconic industrial design, distinguishing it from the standard off-the-shelf options and elevating it above the competition. From a technical perspective, since Mey Eden would be investing in developing the bar from scratch, it also needed to be adaptable for future iterations without requiring additional large investments.

Slim and Forward-Thinking

From user and market research and hydraulic schematics through DFM, NPI, and QA, Nekuda brought the Mey Eden Mini Bar to life. We designed the Mini Bar to stand out by being the smallest countertop water bar system, with a slimming enclosure and an intuitive user interface. With our innovative chassis and optimized component configuration, we reduced the product volume by 40% and kept a minimal countertop footprint. The water bar was created to be a platform for Mey Eden’s future dispensing products, where the next generation products could reuse the majority of parts and maintain the Mini Bar’s size, with updates to a minimum number of components. Nekuda developed the exceptional Mey Eden Mini Bar to push the company forward and ensure a successful future.


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