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Portable Ground Controller for UAV
Elbit Skylark portable ground station
Elbit systems
Defense & Security
Remote Control

Collaboration between Nekuda DM and Elbit enabled the development and production of the portable ground control station for the Skylark, Elbit’s proprietary UAV (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle).

Product design Product development Industrial design עיצוב מוצר עיצוב תעשייתי סטודיו לעיצוב
Military Grade Product Design

The Skylark UAV control system was composed of a laptop in addition to tailored flight controls. These components needed to be encased in a unique shell that could protect it from damage in warzone environments. The unit had to withstand not just dust and water, but also impact, drop tests, and block out electromagnetic interference from enemies trying to disrupt the UAV’s flight.

Product design Product development Industrial design עיצוב מוצר עיצוב תעשייתי סטודיו לעיצוב
Robust and Rugged

To meet the ruggedness requirements, we designed a robust casing that used a smart seal - part elastomer to protect from water and dust, and part metal to shield from EM waves. Moving from Elbit’s initial composite materials technology to reinforced plastic injection in the station’s enclosure enabled us to implement detailed features, and allowed for commercial scalability. With Nekuda’s contribution in the product development, Elbit now sells the Skylark to dozens of countries across the globe.

Elbit Skylark portable ground station
  • Remote Control
  • Military Grade Product Design
  • Robust and Rugged