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Wheel chair designed especially for children

Design, at its most idealistic outlook, is about imagining and creating a future that is makes life better for someone somewhere.

Admittedly, all innovation and design projects are not created equal in their intent, content, or extent.

Wheelchairs of Hope, is one of those projects in which experience meets ethics, in a way that left no-one, including our team, indifferent.

Wheelchairs provide mobility, and mobility provides access to education. So, for many children in developing countries, wheelchairs are a key to a chance for a better life.

Why no-one before had envisioned a child-sized, ergonomic, low cost, assembly friendly wheelchair that could be donated and shipped anywhere in the world, we do not know.

Pablo and Chava, with a lifetime of product and plastics experience, did however take the need in their hands, and assembled a team to solve for it, and make it real, in a viable, economical and global way.

Fortunately, they invited us into the team, and gave us the opportunity to contribute our care and skills to the goal.


We are very proud to have applied our industrial design and mechanical design skills to this inspiring social venture.

We believe this type of smart giving is embedded in Israeli culture, and are pleased to see it presented in Elal’s magazine.

This is yet another side of start-up nation.

wheelchairs of hope rolling for a better life

wheelchairs of hope