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Rebooting Retail for the Digital Age

Global technology company Trax provides data-collection and processing solutions to retailers and consumer brands. They integrate state-of-the-art deep-learning and image processing algorithms with custom hardware to provide their clients with accurate and up-to-date insights.
Recently, they have partnered with Nekuda to design a crucial hardware component for their system – wireless shelf cameras.

Versatility and Robustness

Shelf cameras provide the vast majority of visual input to Trax’s platform. They have to provide optimal performance in preexisting conditions, and must therefore be fast and easy to install, able to contend with a variety of environments, from existing store layout through variable shelving systems to expected (and unexpected) interference, and require as little maintenance as possible, in as compact a package as possible.

Thorough Research and Careful Planning

A joint team conducted an exhaustive research, taking into account dozens of parameters from expected environment and required performance through possible product deployment and configuration, and down to exterior design.
The result is not one but three products: a versatile mounting bracket compatible with multiple shelving systems, a stackable battery pack and controller unit able to control three cameras simultaneously, and a rotating shelf camera, all in a sleek and minimal package.

Ultimately, we created a flexible and modular system that can be installed quickly and easily (no tools required) in preexisting store layouts and requires minimal maintenance, improving the user experience for everyone – from store management and employees to individual shoppers.

Throughout the process we relied on our structured methodology and experience with retail companies and were thus able not only to produce superb products, but also to shorten development time, reducing risk for our customers. Learn more about our process.


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