User friendly premium countertop water Bar

Tami4 Primo

Tana Water Ltd.

Tana Water Ltd.
Consumer electronics

Premium Water Bar

After we disrupted the market with the innovation of the Tami 4 Family Water Bar, Tana Water returned to Nekuda to collaborate on the next generation of Water Bar. Together with California-based product design agency NewDealDesign, we developed the Primo, a user-friendly, premium water bar, to purify and serve water for homes and small businesses.

The Family’s Successor

The newest iteration of the Tami 4 water bar needed to improve on the Family, and distinguish itself as the superior bar compared to the entry-level existing product. With updated industrial design and a refined user experience, however, the Primo would still need to maintain competitive BOM prices.

A Bar Tailored to the User

We focused our efforts on improving the user experience in a range of aspects, in order to create an overall high-end product. The Primo is an innovative kitchen appliance with an incredibly clear user interface, as well as the capability for advanced users to pre-program different features such as water temperature and serving volume. The device is simple to customize in color and finish for personalization, and can fit a variety of vessels, from bottles to cups to carafes. The Tami 4 Primo Water Bar was designed and developed to accommodate every user and their water drinking preferences, and provide a high-end drinking experience.

Video courtesy of Strauss water LTD

Industrial design: NewDealDesign LLC
Product development: Nekuda DM

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