Hair Removal Device

No! No!

Consumer electronics

Smooth Hair Removal

The No! No! Hair removal device employs patented Thermicon Technology to remove unwanted hair on the face and body. As the product glides over the skin, gentle heat removes stubble from the surface for long-lasting results. Nekuda developed this device together with Radiancy, to adapt professional hair removal technology for safe and effective home use.

Bringing Professional to Consumer

Radiancy’s goal was to bring technology used in aesthetic clinics to the home consumer. As such, the product needed to be easy to use and safe, simple to replace consumables, and low cost.

Easy: in the factory, and the home

Nekuda designed the No! No! mechanical configuration from injection molded plastic parts without a single screw, reducing the assembly time and thus the product costs. The product design is tailored to the consumer for an outstanding user experience – simple interactions to operate the device, a safety mechanism to protect the user from the heated wire, and a consumable that slips on and off with exceptional ease. The overall design exploits the Thermicon Technology while preserving the brand’s cosmetics identity, providing an effective and professional hair removal experience to the everyday consumer.

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