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Noveto systems wins daimler’s autobahn program

‘Noveto earned this exclusive inclusion in the program by presenting its ideas for shaping the future of mobility with Sowlo. Noveto’s newest ground-breaking technology that utilizes Smart Personal Sound (SPS), and intelligent 3D sensors to locate and track a user’s position, to turn any space into a personal, private listening area. Sowlo delivers audio to a single individual without the discomfort of headphones, wires or disturbing others.’

Nekuda led the industrial design and mechanical design of Noveto’s multiple demonstrators, and designed presentation materials to support Noveto’s business development.

As part of Nekuda’s Innovation Hub activities, we hosted Noveto and other of our Israeli startup clients in a startup pavilion at Nekuda offices, presenting to 30 American C-Level executives from CTA, the organization that runs CES the Consumer Electronics Show.

We are proud to support Israeli technology startups such as Noveto and others, as they mature into the global space, providing them with assets that showcase their technology at its best and accelerate their business success.

Noveto Smart Beaming Technology

Image credit : Noveto LTD