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Design Tech 2019

The Design-Tech Conference on Design and Technology, held in The Technion, is a new and unique platform to showcase work and research in the field of design innovation. 

Nekuda DM had the fortune to present under the theme of “Design As A Leader”.

Raz Elias introduced the attendees to our product development agency’s design methodology via the case study of the Flex AR Head-Mounted Display. 

Using Nekuda’s design methodology, Raz was able to elegantly and sensitively manage a global team, resulting in an incredible product.

The product being an enterprise-focused AR headset, that empowers workers and improves their efficiency and work-product. Our design strategy enhanced the various technologies, like optics, processing, sensors, and more, as well as  facilitated in making it accessible and user-friendly. From Research and Framing to Ergonomics, Creation, and Implementation, we enable design to lead the project and mediate between the technology and the user, integrating the various components and resulting in a holistic solution.


To watch the full presentation, please visit:

Read more about the Flex AR HMD: 

Learn more about the Design-Tech Conference, please visit:

Design tech 2019